Founding Partner

  • Name: Jamie Webb
  • Invested: 2016
  • Background: Chartered Accountant
  • Category: Healthcare & Recruitment

Jamie is an experienced Chartered Accountant, having qualified in 2000 and has a wealth of experience working at CFO level at numerous healthcare and recruitment businesses.

Jamie has substantial merger & acquisition experience through initial acquisition to transition and integration. He also has vast experience and a thorough understanding of challenges associated with rapid growing organisations and decentralised functions.

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Discuss Ideas Growth Strategy

We discuss your business goals and objectives to ascertain the growth potential and scalability into the marketplace.


Financing Projects How much to invest

We review your financial viability, projections and cash flow before we to establish the right financial structure of your business.


Implementation Support & Interaction

We review where our expertise would be most useful and implement our proven strategy to enable the business to strive for excellence.


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